Migrating to Meteor 2.12

How to migrate your application to Meteor 2.12.

Most of the new features in Meteor 2.12 are either applied directly behind the scenes (in a backwards compatible manner) or are opt-in. For a complete breakdown of the changes, please refer to the changelog.

The above being said, there are a few items that you should implement to have easier time in the future.

Old API Warning

With our migration to the new async/await API, we have added a warning to the old API. In order to use it, before running your application, set the environment variable WARN_WHEN_USING_OLD_API to true. For example, you can run the folling command in your application directory:


It will run your app and every time you use the old API, you will see a warning in your console. This will help you find the places in your code that need to be updated.

If you are in doubt whether a particular API is old or new, you can check our v2.8 migration guide that lists all the changes in the new API.

Migrating from a version older than 2.11?

If you’re migrating from a version of Meteor older than Meteor 2.11, there may be important considerations not listed in this guide. Please review the older migration guides for details:

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