A log of significant changes to the Meteor Guide.
  • 2021/07/21: Added “Apollo” article
  • 2021/07/20: Tweaked VueJS navigation structure and updated some information. Mention Picker in server-side routing.
  • 2020/09/13: Removed the section about crosswalk from the Cordova guide
  • 2020/08/08: Added “Hot Code Push” guide
  • 2020/04/26: Added “React Native” section to build, and renamed “Mobile” to “Cordova”
  • 2020/02/03: Added “Preventing unnecessary data retrieval” section to Accounts
  • 2018/10/23: Added VueJS SSR Rendering for Meteor guide
  • 2018/10/14: Added VueJS Integration guide
  • 2018/03/03: Added HTTP Headers to the production security section and made Helmet the official recommendation. Update Mobile section to refer to HTTP header section for CSP instead of Browser Policy package. #750
  • 2017/10/28: Removed mention of react-addons-pure-render-mixin package from “Using Meteor’s data system” section as it is no longer needed.
  • 2017/09/08: Updated “Using Meteor’s data system” section to describe the new withTracker function as it now replaces createContainer.
  • 2017/03/22: Added Docker section within Deployment and Monitoring.
  • 2017/03/05: Updated “Testing” to use the replacement dispatch:mocha package instead of the previous suggestions from dispatch:*. PR#618 PR#614
  • 2017/02/08: Updated MongoDb hosting services with more details and recommendations. PR#609
  • 2017/01/19: Updated recommendations for forcing SSL to avoid the force-ssl package when possible.
  • 2017/01/07: Created new section “TypeScript”.
  • 2017/01/04: Changed “Testing” section to reference dburles:factory in the same spirit as the meteor/todos app PR #598
  • 2016/07/02: Created new section in ui-ux on use of i18n with React.
  • 2016/05/28: Created new section “A simple React unit test” PR #466.
  • 2016/05/22: Created new section “Testing publications” for separated publication-collector package (as discussed here).
  • 2016/05/05: Changed Build Section organization to separate Atmosphere and npm. Discussed here. PR #410
  • 2016/04/16: Switch order of Code Style and Application structure sections. PR #383
  • 2016/04/16: Added Writing Packages - Creating an npm package and Using Packages - Overriding packages - npm. PR #381
  • 2016/04/16: Added “Writing Packages - Creating an npm package” and “Using Packages - Overriding packages - npm”. PR #381 Fixed old changelog PR reference
  • 2016/04/07: Add more examples and details on application structure using imports. PR #356
  • 2016/04/04: Add more content on writing and publishing Atmosphere packages. PR #339
  • 2016/04/03: Add back in build tool default loading order rules. PR #340
  • 2016/04/01: Added CoffeeScript exports syntax. PR #328
  • 2016/04/01: Changed Mocha test code snippets to use function expressions instead of arrow functions, after the discussion on Issue #318. PR #323
  • 2016/04/01: Added gadicc:blaze-react-component in a new “Blaze in React” section of the React article. PR #325
  • 2016/03/31: Added Chromatic demo video and React Storybook to User Interfaces article. PR #320

Changelog is only tracked since the Meteor 1.3 release.

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