Migrating to Meteor 1.5

How to migrate your application to Meteor 1.5.

This guide is quite short and we think you’ll find the upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5 quite painless. We encourage reading full history and comparing the full differences between the versions you are upgrading from and to.

If you find details which are not covered here, please discuss it using the “Discuss” button above, or if you have something super important, open a pull-request to this article using the “Edit on GitHub” button above!

Migrating from a version older than 1.4?

If you’re migrating from a version of Meteor older than Meteor 1.4, there may be important considerations not listed in this guide (which specifically covers 1.4 to 1.5). Please review the older migration guides for details:

`MAIL_URL` should be reviewed

Due to an upgrade in the underlying dependency for the email package, it is necessary to check that your MAIL_URL is using the correct scheme (e.g. smtps:// or smtp://).

Previously, Meteor would automatically assume that any MAIL_URL using port 465 was to be encrypted and automatically changed smtp:// to smtps://. However, this is not always desired, and not always a safe assumption for Meteor.

If your MAIL_URL is TLS/SSL-only (and does not need STARTTLS), be sure that the MAIL_URL starts with smtps:// and not smtp://.

Again, generally speaking, this applies to applications whose MAIL_URL already includes :465. If an application’s mail provider supports STARTTLS (i.e. if the MAIL_URL uses :587 and sometimes :25), the application can continue to use smtp:// (without the s) and the TLS/SSL upgrade will be made by the mail server, if supported.

Unfortunately, the e-mail ecosystem is confusing. More information can be found in the Nodemailer docs.

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